Tcm 2003 andy
is a character in the 2003 remake of The The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)Edit

Andy and his friends passed through Mexico on their way to a Lynard Skynard concert in Dallas,Texas. While there, they met a girl named Pepper who decided to hitch a ride with them on their way to Dallas. Andy and Pepper had an attraction to one another spending most of the long ride making out in the backseat. Once in Texas, they decide to pick up a lonley girl who is seen walking along the side of the road. The girl is traumatized speaking about "a bad man" and pulling out a pistol and shooting herself.

Andy tries to sooth a panicking Pepper and they all continue on down the road looking for any sign of help. Their search leads them to a butcher shop where a woman contacts the local sherrif and tells them to meet him at the mill infuriating the bunch. They make it to the mill to find the sherrif never showed up. Kemper and Erin decide to go look for him leaving Andy, Morgan, and Pepper to look after the van. The sherrif soon arrives forcing Andy to hold the body with his bare hands while he wraps up the body in a plastic sheet.

He then forces Andy and Morgan to place the dead body in the trunk of his car. Erin returns saying Kemper has gone missing. Andy and Erin return to the house she and Kemper visited earlier before he went missing. Erin distracts the owner of the house Monty while Andy sneaks in to find Kemper. He calls out for him wandering into the kitchen and he opens the fridge letting out an overbearing scent.

He closes the fridge causing it to topple over making a loud noise and alerting Monty. Monty comes in berating Andy for entering his home and alerting Leatherface who comes out wielding a chainsaw. He chases after Andy severing his left leg and bringing him to the basement of the house. He lifts him into the air letting him go on a meat hook which drives deep into his spine and puts salt on his stump of a leg leaving him screaming in agony. He is left hanging over a piano to die slowly.

He tries to lift himself off the hook but to no avail. Later on Erin finds him hanging and she tries to help him out as well but fails. In order to end his suffering he asks her to kill him. At first she can not bring herself to do it but finally does grabbing a knife off of a table and stabbing him putting an end to his misery but causing her great amounts of grief.