IBenny is a character from Leatherface TCM3.He crashed in his jeep(along with Michelle and Ryan who were fleeing from Leatherface) when Tex jumped in front of his jeep.He introduced himself to Michelle and Ryan in the forest,they were first people who he saw driving(except himself) on that deserted abbandoned road.He decide to look for Tex,then he found a hook-handed man named Tech/Tinker.When he thought that Tinker is going to help him,he discovered a chainsaw in the back of his monster truck.Discovering the man s true intentions he told him he will right back Benny leaved for his machine gun what was in his truck.Then Tinker unsuccesfully tried to run him over.Tinker chrashed into Benny s car,Benny fell down the hill and shortly fought Leatherface,a chain saw wielding deformed serial killer and a cannibal,Leatherface slashed Benny s leg with a small destressed saw but he was lured away by a girl named Sara.Sara re-joined Benny and he discovered that her whole family was killed by a maniac,and after s short talk with her she gave her lighter after what he leaved.Near the nerby bog he discovered a spike trap which almost killed him and a man named Alfredo who was disposing human bodies by throwing them in a bog,he witnessed Alfredo kissing Sara s head(who was killed earlier by a Leatherface)before throwing it into bog.He asked him what he was doing in the woods and how many psychopaths are there in the wood,after Alfredo denied to tell him he kicked him in the face with his machine gun causing him to fall backwards into the bog.He discovered a nerby house and he was watching into one room trought the window which was Leatherface s bedroom with the killer playing with his learn vocabulary machine with a furniture inside the room made from human bones(along with some animal bones),Benny discovered that something strange was going on.After that Leatherface leaved his room,Benny found out that was the swamp home of the family of cannibalistic serial killers.He heared the noise of the Leatherface s chainsaw(which attracted him),he started shooting at the cannibals throught the kitchen window with his rifle.Michelle escaped trought the front door,soon studio lights in the front yard were turned on by a little girl.Michelle ran into the forest,Benny tried too shoot at Leatherface who was driving towards him in the Tinker s monster but he realised he was out of amunnation.After Leatherface hit him with the truck Tex attacked him with his hatchet.Benny swinged Tex s hatchet towards him Tex ducked and he hit truck,gasoline started going out trought the hole where Benny struck with the hatchet,the two fought and wrestled on the ground and finally Benny soaked Tex in the gasoline and threw lighter(which Sara gave him earlier),and flames spread to the Tex(putting him on fire),and to the truck(causing it to explode).Benny run into the forest to save Michelle from Leatherface and Leatherface s chainsaw slashed Benny s back(killing him),after that Michelle killed Leatherface by bashing his head with the rock.However Benny survived the cut and drowning in the bog,and the next morning he stole Alfredo s truck and found Michelle walking down a road and she got into the car,and Alfredo (who also survived),hit him into the head with the sledgehammer shortly before he was killed by  a Michelle with a shotgun,she  helped Benny into the truck and the two drove away.Benny is an ex marine and a hunter who is very good at shooting and hand to hand combat,he is the only true hero of the Texas chainsaw massacre series.In the the alternate ending and the comics he is killed by Leatherface.

Potrayed by Ken Foree.