Appears In:

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning


Eric (fiancee)
Dean (close friend/future brother-in-law)
Bailey (best-friend)

Portrayed By:

Jordana Brewster

'Chrissie is the Principle Protagonist, Fiancee of Eric, and Heroine of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.

The BeginningEdit

Chrissie is initially shown to be a caring fiancée to her boyfriend Eric and a loyal friend to both Bailey and Dean, risking her life many times for them after being thrown from a Jeep in a car accident on the way to enlist in the Vietnam War. After so many failed attempts, the Hewitt Family finally captures Chrissie. She is tortured and forced to eat at "Dinner" with them. Eventually Hoyt and Luda Mae become tired of Chrissie's terrified screams after murdering her best friend, Bailey, that they order Leatherface to murder her in the cellar. After untying her, a struggle ensues, and Chrissie gains access to an ice picker, stabbing Leatherface with it, and causing a distraction for her to escape but not before Hoyt tries to grab her. Eventually Chrissie escapes by heading for the Living Room, crashing through a window, and escaping into the night with Leatherface in hot pursuit. After Dean attempts to rescue her, he is murdered, and Chrissie is forced to leave him, stealing a car. Just as she pulls over to get help, Leatherface appears in the backseat, impaling her through the bare lower belly near the groin with his chainsaw, killing Chrissie, as well as two other pedestrians in the process.