Eric held Capture



Appears In:

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning


Chrissie (girlfriend)(Deceased)
Dean (brother)(Deceased)
Bailey (friend)(Deceased)

Portrayed By:

Matthew Bomer

Eric is the secondary protagonist of the chainsaw massacre:the begining. Eric is the boyfriend of Chrissie and the brother of Dean. He gets captured by Sheriff Hoyt and so does his brother. Hoyt believes Eric is Dean and puts a cellophane over his head. Dean then admits that the draft card (in which Hoyt found before capturing them) was his and then shoves up a knife into Eric's mouth making him cough up blood, but it allows him to breathe. He is later captured by Leatherface and is brought into the basement.he watches on a camera Bailey and Holden get killed by Leatherface. Leatherface straps him onto a wooden table. He turns his head from left to right repeatedly and then cuts off all of his nerves in his arm. Chrissie then finds Eric and is horrified to see his arm. Eric convinces her to go, but she refuses. Chrissie hears Leatherface coming and hides under the table. Luckily, Leatherface doesn't see her. Leatherface then grabs his chainsaw but leatherface heard something upstairs so he went to check it out Chrissie is able to get Eric they escape but Leatherface chaces them but luckily they escape. Thinking that Crissie and Eric are dead, Dean attacks Leatherface but only to be killed by Leatherface but luckily it gives them a chance to escape they go threw the floor boards they go through the sewers but Leatherface catches up to them and Leatherface grabs Chrissie. Chrissie is killed but luckily Eric escapes and is found by the police. Two officers stay were they found Eric to look for clues Eric thanks the officers for saving him. The two officers end up getting killed by Leatherface will he watches Eric escape and Leatherface decides to give up. He is portrayed by Matt Bomer.