TCM Next Gen Heather

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Heather !994

Heather Dead




Appears In:

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation


Barry (boyfriend)
Jenny (friend)
Sean (friend)

Portrayed By:

Lisa Marie Newmyer

Heather is a character that appeared in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation. Heather appears in the film looking for her boyfriend Barry, when she founds him she caught him kissing another girl and she ran off n her state of madness, Heather starts up Barry's car with Jenny and her boyfriend Sean in the backseat with Barry chasing after the car. Heather stops the car and lets Barry in and fights with him about the cheating. While on the drive to clear her anger, Jenny gets in a wreck in the woods with another car whose driver passes out after saying he is not hurt.

Then she, Barry and Jenny get help, while Sean stays with the driver, unaware his final fate. On their walk they made it to Darla's place where they told her about the accident which she calls her boyfriend Vilmer Sawyer to tell him about the accident.

Then they left to go to the crash scene on the way the truck came passing by them, and only she and Barry went after the truck while Jenny decided to go back to Sean. On the way she and Barry talk about everything. They found the house and Barry saw W.E. Sawyer, while she saw Leatherface. Barry was killed by Leatherface and Heather was hanging on the meathook. Later she was killed, when Vilmer crushed her head with his robotic leg.