The apparent daughter of the Tea Lady, though her exact relationship to the Hewitt Family is unknown. Prior to the events of the 1973 Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Henrietta lived in a trailer with her corpulent tea-drinking mother (name unknown) not far from the Hewitt residence. In the 2003 movie Henrietta adopted/stole an infant from a woman who committed suicide, but the child was later rescued by Erin Hardesty. Henrietta appears as a sickly, homely girl in a dirty house coat and slippers. In the Wildstorm comics, Henrietta along with her mother the Tea Lady, drug and raped FBI agent Henkel. It was her hope that Henkel would leave her pregnant with child. Henrietta is present when a grenade explodes in her family's secret hideout. She is not present in the novelization of the 2003 remake, but instead her character has been replaced by the Tea Lady, whose name is revealed to be Henrietta. She is portrayed by Heather Kafka.