TexasChainsawMassacre2003 DavidDorfman01
The youngest and most sane member of the murderous Hewitt family. Jedidiah is also the grandson of Luda May Hewitt and the nephew of Leatherface/Thomas Hewitt. He is possibly Sheriff Hoyt's son. Though he was witness to the atrocities committed by his elder family members, Jedidiah had yet to develop the sense of depraved family pride that governed the actions of his kindred. In the 2002 film Jedidiah helps Erin and her friend escape the Hewitt's home. His one known act of violence was in the Wildstorm comics, when in defense of his grandmother, Jedidiah stabbed FBI agent Hooper through the chest, then split his head open with a meat cleaver after the agent tried to arrest Luda May and the rest of Jedidiah's family. On the audio commentary for the remake, that Jedidiah was supposed to be the child one of the Hewitts' victims. In the novelization of the remake, Leatherface murders his nephew with his chainsaw after Jedidiah helps Erin escape the family. He is portrayed by David Dorfman.