Jenny saw Vilmer's Body



Appears In:

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation


Sean (boyfriend)
Heather (best friend)
Barry (frenemy)
Jenny's Mother (mother)
Unmaned Stepfather (Stepfather)

Portrayed By:

Renee Zellweger

Jenny is the main protagonist and Final Girl of the film Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation.

1994 MassacreEdit

Jenny first appears while getting ready for Prom, wearing a cream colored dress and flats. In an Alternate Opening, it was revealed that Jenny's Stepfather is abusive, and somewhat pedophilic. Anyhow, Jenny is escorted by her boyfriend Sean, who appears to be a seemingly airheaded, but caring person. At the Prom, the couple takes pictures before leaving with Heather, Jenny's dumb best friend, and Heather's boyfriend, Barry. Whilst arguing amongst themselves, Heather gets into a collision with another car, causing the driver to faint from shock. In a Scooby Doo esque fashion, Barry takes Heather and Jenny to get help while Sean watches over the Driver. After sometime walking, the trio come upon a trailer that serves as an office for the trashy, "not-all-there" realtor, Darla. Darla "helps" the three out by calling her tow-trucker boyfriend, Vilmer. After leaving the Office Trailer, Heather and Barry leave Jenny when they see a car, while Jenny cowardly makes her way back to the sight of the accident. Before Jenny is able to get back to him, Vilmer arrives, snapping the Driver's neck, and then pursuing Sean in his truck before finally running him over. Meanwhile, Barry and Heather come upon the Sawyer Farmhouse, and decide to ask for a restroom and help. While Heather waits on the Porch, Barry circles the house before W.E, Vilmer's possibly older brother, discovers him, threatening him with a shotgun before allowing him to use the restroom, while Heather is seemingly attacked by Leatherface, who stuffs her inside a freezer. While relieving himself, Barry finds a dead body in the bathtub and is killed by being hit over the head with a sledge hammer, much like Kirk from the Original. Leatherface then removes Heather from the freezer, impaling her on a meathook. After finding Sean and the Driver missing, Jenny unknowingly gets into the car with Vilmer, who gleefully displays Sean's flattened corpse, as well as the Driver's own body. Frightened, Jenny leaps out of the truck and into a ditch before Vilmer chases her in his truck. She escapes by running into the woods. Although Jenny is presently safe, Vilmer is unphased, knowing Leatherface, now a Texan urban-legend, will appear. Just as planned, Leatherface shows up with his trademark chainsaw, chasing Jenny through the forest, into a pond, and back to the Farmhouse. Jenny manages to lock Leatherface out, running upstairs, where she finds the body of a stuffed Texas Ranger. She takes his gun to protect herself, holding Leatherface at gun point. After attempting to shoot him, she finds the gun is not loaded. Leatherface chases her back upstairs, forcing her to escape him by jumping out onto the roof through a second story window. After another attempt to escape, Jenny jumps onto a phone line, but Leatherface cuts through it with his chainsaw. Jenny then crashes through the roof of the Sawyers' greenhouse. Leatherface then comes crashing through the Greenhouse wall, pursuing Jenny back into the woods and to Darla's Trailer. W.E shows up, revealing Darla is in cohoots with the Sawyers. W.E then beats Jenny nearly unconscious with an electric cattle prod, tying her up, and stuffing her into the trunk of Darla's car before Darla goes to pick up some ordered pizzas. After taking the Pizza, the two arrive back at the Farmhouse, where Jenny and Heather are held captive by Leatherface, dressed as a Grandmother, Vilmer, Darla, and W.E . The girls are held at gunpoint, but while Vilmer is distracted, Jenny gains the upperhand, taking the gun to defend herself. Eventually Jenny manages to get outside, stealing Darla's car. Vilmer once again captures her, taking her back inside. Darla then tends to Jenny, before Vilmer kicks her out of the bathroom so that he can abuse Jenny. After finishing torturing Jenny, Vilmer allows Darla to suit Jenny in one of her dresses for "Dinner". Jenny then passes out, but wakes up early in the morning to find herself surrounded by a family of corpses, the Sawyers' Grandfather, and Leatherface, now dressed in a "Woman Suit", along with the rest of the Sawyers, and an incapacitated Heather. After torturing Jenny, Vilmer sets fire to Heather's back, and the terror is interrupted by Agent Rothman. Rothman scolds Vilmer, before revealing an array of tattoos and piercings, and licking Jenny's face. After Rothman leaves, Jenny makes another escape attempt while Vilmer mutilates himself, but Vilmer captures her, commanding that Leatherface decapitate her with his chainsaw. While holding her down, Jenny mamages to obtain Vilmer's controller to his cybornetic leg, allowing her to finally escape the Horror House. Vilmer sends an outraged Leatherface to capture Jenny, who has reached a main road. Now Day, Jenny attempts to flag down an RV driven by an elderly couple. After Leatherface appears, the couple pull Jenny inside, but Vilmer soon appears in his truck, driving the RV off the road and causing it to tump over. Jenny dazedly climbs out of the wreckage with Vilmer in hot pursuit. A mysterious airplane kills Vilmer with a blade to the head, as Leatherface looks on in horrorified bereavment. Jenny is observes Vilmer's bleeding corpse in awe as a black automobile pulls over to rescue her. Jenny hurriedly jumps inside but is shocked to find that the vehicle belongs to Rothman, who is a leader of some sort of Illuminati esque orginization. He takes her to a hospital where she comes face to face with a now-catatonic Sally Hardesty, the original Survivor of the 1974 Massacre. Sally observes Jenny, knowing the terror she has been put through. The camera then cuts back to Leatherface, who wildly swings his chainsaw in rage and frustration over Vilmer's death.


Jenny appears as a petite, teenage girl, probably around the ages of 16 or 17, with medium-long dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. At the beginning of the film, Jenny is shown to wear large, square-framed glasses, a white prom dress, and white flats. While being chased, Jenny's dress becomes seemingly wet, dirty, and ripped and she loses her flats after walking. During the reinterpreted "Dinner Scene", Jenny has been washed, and make up put on her, as well as a new dress. This dress is black, with silver lining, large shoulders, slits, and a large red flower on the left breast.