Mama Sawyer is a minor character in Leatherface:Texas chainsaw massacre III. She is the mother of Leatherface and the rest of Sawyer brothers; the grandmother of Leatherface's daughter; and is also the daughter of Grandpa Sawyer.

Mama Sawyer is a crippled old woman who uses a wheelchair full-time, and has a voice box, possibly from a tracheotomy. She is the matriarch of the Sawyer family. She is also a cannibal.

She is first seen in the third movie when her son Tex nails Michelle to the chair in the kitchen. She comes from the living room in her wheelchair to the kitchen and Michelle pleads with her to help her, but is ignored. Tinker arrived dragging badly injured Ryan, who was cut by Leatherface's chainsaw, and was hanged on a pair of meat hooks. While Michelle screamed in horror, Mama just laughed at it. Tex and Tinker left the kitchen and went to the garage to get a present for Leatherface(large chainsaw). Mama Sawyer and her granddaughter left the kitchen,leaving Michelle alone there with Ryan. Later, when Leatherface arrived she found her son forcing her another son,Tinker, to retrieve the Walkman Tinker had throw into the stove to burn, forcing him to retrieve it with his good hand. When he had retrieved it, it was destroyed, and Leatherface started to cry. She calmed him down and told him to do his lessons (learn vocabulary) in his bedroom. Leatherface eventually returned from his room and Leatherface's daughter killed Ryan with a sledgehammer-swinging device that Tinker had made. Mama Sawyer was proud of her granddaughter. Leatherface prepared to kill Michelle as well, but at the last moment Benny started shooting at the cannibals. Mama was shot twice in the chest and once in the stomach, as Tinker screamed in horror. She died a couple of minutes later, as did Tinker, who had also been shot fatally. In the film, Mama Sawyer confirmed that she had an incestuous relationship with her father, Grandpa. Her legs are covered in scars, presumably caused by Leatherface beating her. She forgives him however, because he is mentally retarded and she is overprotective of him, in a similar way to Luda May Hewitt. In the comics she speaks under her own power and is more violent than in the movie.

Portrayed by Miriam Byrd-Nethery