Nubbins Sawyer


The Hitchhiker



Appears In:

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (corpse)
Jason vs. Leatherface 1
Jason vs. Leatherface 2
Jason vs. Leatherface 3


Leatherface (brother)
Drayton Sawyer (brother)
Alfredo Sawyer (brother)
Edward Sawyer (brother)
Vilmer Sawyer (brother)
Chop Top (twin brother)
Grandpa (grandfather)

Type of Death:

Run over by an 18-wheeler.

Portrayed By:

Edwin Neal

Nubbins Sawyer, also known as the Hitchhiker, is a character from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. He is the older brother of Leatherface, the younger brother of Drayton Sawyer and the twin brother of Chop Top. He is mentally unstable, a cannibal and a grave robber. He was behind the grave robbing at the beginning of the film and took pictures and created the statue.

The Texas Chain Saw MassacreEdit

Nubbins hitched a ride with Sally Hardesty, Franklin Hardesty, Jerry, Pam, and Kirk. He cut himself with a knife, and then took a picture of Franklin. He asked them to buy the picture, but when they refused to pay, he burned it and cut Franklin, and was subsequently kicked out of the van.

Nubbins was later revealed to be Drayton and Leatherface's brother. They tried to get Grandpa to kill the captured Sally, but he was too old to kill her with the hammer, so Nubbins and Leatherface tried to help him, resulting in Sally's escape. Nubbins and Leatherface went after her, when Nubbins was run over by an 18 wheeler.


  • "My family's always been in meat."
  • "You could have dinner with us... my brother makes good head cheese! You like head cheese?"
  • "You just shut up and remember you're just the cook!"

"You like this place?"

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