Tcm 2003 pepper
is the character in the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The Texas Chainsaw MassacreEdit

Pepper hitched a ride with Kemper, Erin, Andy and Morgan on their way to Dallas, Texas while in Mexico. On the way they picked up a traumatized hitch hiker who shot herself with a revolver. Pepper shows to be the most frightened. They go to a meat shop and are told to meet sherrif Hoyt at the crawford mill. They arrive at the mill to find Hoyt never showed up. Pepper, Andy, and Morgan stay behind while Erin and Kemper head off in search off the sherrif.

Moments later Hoyt arrives and forces Andy to hold the body with his bare hand while he wraps it up in a plastic sheet. He then forces Andy and Morgan to throw it in the trunk of his squad car. Erin arrives claiming to have lost Kemper. Andy and Erin head back to the house to find him while Pepper and Morgan wait at the van. To pass time by they try to clean the car.

Erin returns by nightfall alone and is frantically screaming. They try to find out what happend but don't get a word out of her. Suddenly Hoyt arrives and after finding Marijuana in the car forces all three of them to lay face down in the dirt. He then asks Morgan to re-enact how the girl shot herself using a revolver. Morgan turns the gun on Hoyt pointing it in his face and threatining to shoot him.

Pepper urges him to shoot Hoyt. After pulling the trigger Morgan finds the gun was never loaded and Hoyt drives off with Morgan. Erin attempts to hot wire the car but they don't get far. She drives it into a ditch causing the back tire to fall off. Just then Leatherface drives his chainsaw through the roof of the car. Pepper attempts to escape on foot but she trips and is sawed in half. She dies causing Erin to lose control.