Edward Tex Sawyer is the main antagonist in Leatherface:Texas chainsaw massacre III.He is the brother of Leatherface,and a cannibal.He lives with his family in Texas backwoods near the old abandoned highway.He is the youngest brother in the family after Leatherface.

A cowboy and a hitchiker and the sanest family member.Howewer when somebody calls him Edward(his real name) or shortened(Eddie) he becomes highly psychotic,also when enraged.He despies his real name for unknown reasons.He is also a family cook.

In the movie he first appears at his brother Alfredo's gas station,an unknown man whom he hitchiked drops him off at the station.He leaves his traveling bag inside of a gas station.When two customers Michelle and Ryan arrive at the station he and Alfredo pretend that they don 't know each other. He stops Alfredo from harassing Michelle,she thanks him for that,not realizing his true intentions.He introduces himself to Michelle and Ryan, Michelle likes that Tex is with them, Ryan doesn't like that Tex is close to them because he thinks that Tex is pimping Michelle,he is answering Tex 's questions in anger,and he doesn't want to give Tex a ride(demanding that they are in big hurry).He shows Ryan a road on a map and recommend 's it. He finds Alfredo spying on a Michelle trough a peephole on the wall while she is using the restroom. He attacks him because of that,while Michelle and Ryan leave the station.Alfredo fakes Tex 's death by supposedly shooting him with a shootgun.The two take a route which Tex recommend.

As night falls Tex finds a shortcut to the road and jumps in front of the Michelle and Ryan,causing them to crash as well as another driver,a survalist named Benny.He leaves the road and awaits Michelle in family 's home to catch her.When Michelle finally arrives he catches with the help of his little niece,who is Leatherface 's daughter.The two nail and tie Michelle with a duct tape to a chair in the kitchen.Tex's mother arrives,as well as his brother Tech/Tinker dragging badly injured Ryan.The two cannibals eventually hang Ryan on a pair of upside-down meathoooks.The two men prepare butchering tools to slaughter Ryan,he almost attacks Tinker with a meat cleaver when he calls him Eddie,they leave the kitchen.When Leatherface arrives he gives him a large chainsaw which Tinker has made for him with a phrase "The saw is family" on it.While the family prepare for dinner,Tex tries to kill Ryan with the sledgehammer-swinging device,but lets his niece to kill him instead.Leatherface prepares to kill Michelle as well,then Benny starts shooting at the cannibals' house,shots Mama couple of times in the stomach and chest and shooting of Tinker 's two fingers as well as his ear.Michelle frees herself from the chair and tries to escape the house,but Tex catches her and Michelle stabs him in the chest with the kitchen knife and escapes.Tex stays with wounded Mama and Tinker at the house,the both are bleeding after taking shots,he talks with Tinker,after a short talk Mama dies as well as Tinker.Tex,bleeding from his knife wound grabs the hatchet and goes after Benny.

The two fought and Benny soaks Tex with fuel,and finally Tex grabs his hatchet and prepares to strike Benny,again. Benny throws zippo lighter(which Sara gave him) at Tex,burning him alive.The fire also causes Tinker s truck to explode as Texas burns on the ground and cries.He probably died of his knife wound and his burns,as he was not seen afterwards.In the alternate ending Tex is stabbed and burned,but survives and attacks Michelle in the forest,after that she pushes him on the spike trap,and he bleeds to death.Tex is potrayed as the one of the least sane family members,which helps in capturing his family s victims,who believe Tex to be regular person.Tex is seen wearing female cooking apron,as well he has painted fingernails,leading to possibility that he is a homosexual.In the comics he is killed by Michelle with the knife he was preparing to slaughter her with.

Portrayed by Viggo Mortensen