Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation is the fourth Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. It takes place in a different timeline from any of the other films. It is also the only film in which Leatherface is not a cannibal.

Plot Edit

Driving on the road after a dance, Jenny, Sean, Heather, and Barry get into a car accident with another boy, leaving him incapacitated. Sean stays behind to watch him while the others go to a nearby house for help. The house is inhabited by a woman named Darla, who calls her possible husband, Vilmer. Vilmer is an insane man who, when he arrives at the scene, breaks the boy's neck and then runs Sean over with his truck until he is dead.

While searching for Sean, Barry and Heather find a house inhabited by a man named W.E. Sawyer. When Heather enters the house, Leatherface (known only as "Leather" in this film), a crossdressing murderer wearing a skin mask, puts her in a coffin. When Barry enters, Leather kills him with a sledgehammer. He then hangs Heather on a meat hook.

Jenny is attacked by Leather, and enters Darla's house. Darla is working with Vilmer, W.E., and Leather, and ties Jenny up and throws her in the trunk. She later sees Heather on the road, injured from being impaled on the meat hook, and has her brought into their house. Darla tells Jenny that Vilmer is working for the Illuminati, who were the ones that killed JFK. Jenny doesn't believe her.

Vilmer goes insane and kills W.E. with a sledgehammer, and later kills Heather by stomping on her neck. Darla's story is revealed to be true when Agent Rothman enters and tells them that they are breaking the rules he set for them in his plan to spread horror. Jenny attempts to escape from them, but Vilmer and Leather chase after her. An Illuminati plane flies by and kills Vilmer by pegging his head with its propeller blades. Leather runs around in horror. Agent Rothman picks up Jenny, and Leather runs around swinging his chainsaw around.

Sequel Edit

There are no sequels to this film. Instead, a remake series was made. This film is followed by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


In this film the family is not cannibal but it rather eats pizza. Curiosly in the previous film Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, when Benny and Tex are fighting Benny says: Why do you not leave us alone? and Tex calmly responds: We're hungry... to which Benny responds: Then eat pizza!.