Sawyer Family (Original)

Leonardo S.

The Family Houses is where the Sawyers and the Hewitts (in the remake series) lived. They are different places because the family is constantly moving or because its a different continuity.

In The Texas Chain Saw Massacre the house is a farm placed in the end of a road. It is first seen when pam and Kirk reach it go get gas and is whare they and Jerry are killed by Leatherface. Then, when Leatherface is chasing Sally , she lockes him out of the house and he enters by slicing the door. Sally goes in a room in the top floor where she sees Grandpa and Grandma and escapes the house by jumping out of a window. She is bringed back to house by Drayton, who later punishes Leatherface for slicing the door. Then in the dinner the Sawyers try to get Grandpa kill Sally but Sally escapes and is persued by Nubbins and Leatherface.Nubbins is runned over to death,Leatherface is injured,and Sally escapes on a pick-up truck.

In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 , the Sawyers leave the farm and move to an abandoned theme park in Texas, because the police was investigating the murder of Sally's friends. The place is very big and the family only use the center of it to live. To light the place, they put a lot of Christmas lights around. The house have a big barbecue to cook the meat and the family table where they eat. The place is destroyed when Drayton accidently blows off a grenade.

In Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (which apperantly takes places in another continuity) the house is located in middle of a forest. Outside the house, there are studio lights. The forest which the house is located is full of traps put by the Sawyers to capture their victim. The only places seen of the house are the Little Girl's Room, Leatherface's room,hallway,living room and the kitchen/butchering area. There are few not fully seen location such as a small room near the kitchen with the blue light,a garage and the basement.The furniture in the Leatherface s room and Little Girl s room is made from human and animal bones while the rest of the house is normal.After Michelle is captured, Benny rescues her and shoots the family, resulting in Tech and Mama's death. Then Benny and Tex have a fight outside, which ends with Benny burning Tex.

In Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation(which apparently takes place in yet another continuity) the farm is located in the village not far from the some unnamed Texas city.The farmhouse is very similiar to the house in the original movie.The house is decayed and is full of trash and human remains,and is the worst house of the family in the series.The only locations of house seen are the bathroom,kitchen and the dinning room.The bathroom is dirty and inside the bathtub there is carbonized body,the kitchen is not dirty as the bathroom,but the kitchen s floor is full of trash and magazines,and the kitchen table has a box full of batteries,TV remote controllers,batteries and another stuff,the dinning room is the dirtiest,at the dinning table there are stuffed bodies of the dead family members on the table and a floor there are broken glass bootles,plates,magazines and collumns.At the dinner Vilmer kills Heather by burning her and crushing her head with his animatoric leg and W.E.(possibly) by bashing his head with the hammer.Later Vilmer and Leatherface leave the house to chase Jenny,the house is not seen again after that.While chasing Jenny,Vilmer is killed when airplane propeller chrushes his head.

In the remake series(Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Texas Chainsaw Massacre:The Begining) the house is a ranch located near the forest.In the front of the house there is a cornfield.The house is big and has many locations such as:libary,kitchen,another kitchen,living room,bathroom,basement...Basement is Leatherface 's lair and as the butchering area.Near the ranch there is a trailer where Luda May 's sister and her daughter Henrietta are living.After Leatherface 's killing spree in 1973. police discovered the house,and Leatherface 's wherebouts are unknown,the rest of the cannibal family were possibly put in prison.