The most mysterious member of the Hewitt clan. She is possibly Luda Mae's younger sister. Almost nothing is known about her, including her real name. The Tea Lady (so named due to her fondness, and seeming obsession with tea) lived in a trailer with her daughter Henrietta not far from the Hewitt household. The Tea Lady is morbidly obese and is often seen sitting down, although she is able to walk. In 1973, the Tea Lady had a brief encounter with Erin Hardesty, which ended with the two women drink spiking the girl with drugged tea. The Tea Lady also has a good relationship with the Hewitts, Henrietta and Luda May are very close friends, leading to the possibility that they are related. In the Wildstorm comics, the Tea Lady appears more deranged than she was in the movies. The Wildstorm comics also portray the Tea Lady as suffering from a type of dementia, as she is seemingly unaware of the actions of those around her. Though she bears witness to the Hewitt family's macabre actions, she neither condones nor condemns them. Along with Henrietta, the Tea Lady drugged and raped FBI Agent Henkel. The Tea Lady was also present when a hand grenade belonging to another federal agent named Baines exploded in the Hewitt's secret underground grotto. The Tea Lady was very close to the blast, but it remains unknown whether or not she survived the explosion. In the novelization of the 2003 remake, the Tea Lady is named Henrietta and lives by herself, she is also presented as Leatherface's older sister. She is portrayed by Kathy Lamkin.