The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Texas chainsaw massacre
The original poster of this film

Directed by:

Marcus Nispel

Produced by:

Michael Bay

Screenplay by:

Scott Kosar


Jessica Biel
Jonathan Tucker
Erica Leerhsen
Mike Vogel
Eric Balfour
David Dorfman
R. Lee Ermey

Music by:

Steve Jablonsky

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre -  is a 2003 horror film, remake The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, directed by Marcus Nispel and starring Jessica Biel in the lead role and Andrew Bryniarski as Leatherface.



from left to right: Morgan, Kemper, Erin, Pepper and Andy

The first scenes of this film investigation in the Hewitt's House. Police found 33 human corpses in the basement.

A few teens (Erin HardestyMorganPepper, Andy and Kemper) went to Mexico. When they meet a stranger girl on the deserted road, they wanted to help her and takes her in them car. But the stranger told them something about "a very bad man" and many murders, and pulled a .357 magnum out of her vagina and shoots herself in the mouth. Teens were shocked, and they didn't want call the police, because, they had a lot of marijuana. They dumped the drug and went to small restaurant, when they meet old woman. Teens ask her to call the sheriff, but she said that sheriff is very busy and they should ride to the old mill. On the mill, they find a boy, who led two of them (Kemper and Erin) to the big dirty house, where they met an old legless invalid. Erin  to  the sheriff, when Leatherface kills the Kemper. At the same time, sheriff came to the Morgan Pepper and Andy and took the corpse. Erin returned to her friends and tell them about Kemper's disappearance. They started searches and found a lot of broken cars and the human jaw. Morgan found the photo with hitchhiker girl and her family. Erin started talking with invalid, when Andy came to the house and found a few pigs. Owner was very angry, when he saw Andy in the his home, but leatherface attacked teens and sawed off Andy's leg. Erin ran to the Morgan, and Pepper. She tried to find the revolver, but sheriff came to them and found the drug in the car. He beat them and ordered Morgan show suicide scene. Sheriff told, that guy shoved in his mouth barrel and pressed the trigger. Morgan tried to kill sheriff, but the gun was empty. Sheriff arrested him and rode to the Hewitt's house. Erin started the engine, but the car was damaged. Leatherface attacked them and Erin yelled at Pepper to run away from him. Pepper let out her screams and tried to do so, but before she could escape, she was slit in her back and tripped. She screamed nonstop in her terror and stared at Leatherface when he drew his chainsaw at her and killed her through her jacket, feathers flying out and causing Erin to cry horrified. Erin ran to the light house, where she met two woman and little child. The younger woman told, that maniac isn't evil, when the older woman poisoned Erin. Girl woke up and saw sheriff, and other family members. Leatherface throwed her to the baseroom, when Erin found badly injured Andy. He asked her kill him and she stabbed Andy. After that she found Morgan and Jedidiah tries to save them. Leatherface pursued them and killed Morgan after long fight. Erin ran to the farm where she cut off the leatherface's arm. After that girl stoped the lorry, but she saw, that driver didn't know nothing about horrors of this town. She started crying like the hitchhiker girl and the driver stopped his car near the Hewitt's house. He started talking with them, when Erin kidnapped the Hewitt's little child, because she wanted to save him started the engine in the sheriff's car. She killed sheriff by his own car and ran away. Leatherface tried to kill her but failed. Luckilly she survived along with the baby as her new friend.

At the last scene two policemen came to the basement in the Hewitt's house and leatherface attacked and killed them. Narrator told that the crime was never solved.


Deleted Scenes Edit

Director's version contain five scenes that were cut in the cinema version.